“Blood Red World” Video

Here it is! New video for „Blood Red World“! Head over to and check it out:


2015, the western civilization dwells in luxury, meanwhile another enormous part of the world is drowning in blood. War, famine, oppression and misinterpretations of religion leading to murder are sadly on the daily agenda. „Blood Red World“ doesn’t sugar-coat any of that, instead it’s reflecting reality for which all of us are responsible. The song should be seen as food for thought, to confront those problems. We know that thought is shared by many people around the globe, and together we can change things. There is still hope for a change to create a better world, we just have to stand and react together, step by step.

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“The Quiet Monster” is out now!

The wait is over!!! “The Quiet Monster” is out now!

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“Straight To Hell” Lyric Video Premiere

Check out “Straight To Hell”, the first full length song taken from our forthcoming album “The Quiet Monster”!

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